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Domestic Rewire. What’s involved?

Planning is essential when thinking about a home rewire. When will it be done? What’s involved in doing the job? There are many things to consider before going ahead. The best place to start is by choosing an Approved Electrician or Rewiring Company. They can help you with the planning, offering their expertise and knowledge […]

Outdoor Festive Light’s, How do you Install Yours…

It’s that time of year when your thinking about how you will install your outdoor Festive lights. 
Are you using last years? 
How safe are they?
 Do you need a suitable outdoor supply? Consider This… Every year you drive around the neighbourhood and see so many houses decorated in festive lights, This year it’s your […]

Enhanced Fire Safety, Could you Escape in the Event of a Fire?

Enhanced fire safety introduced in Amendment 3. New Regulation 521.201, requires on all escape routes, that any cabling install above escape routes, are to be supported by fire-resistant fastenings and fixings, so in the event of a fire the cables do not become loose and cause your escape route to become blocked when the installation […]

New Changes for Installation of RCD Protection.

In the new edition of BS7671 Chapter 41 examines the use of RCD protection on socket outlets. The regulation now requires RCD protection in accordance with regulation 415.1 for socket outlets up to 20A and for mobile equipment with a current rating not exceeding 32A for outdoor use for all installations. The only exceptions are, […]

A Not Very Competent Person Getting into Hot Water!

I have seen many things over my long career as an electrician, some good some bad and some so scary it makes you think, what is deemed as a competent person. The Call Out It was on one evening when I was called to a premise with a problematic immersion heater. Usually when it comes […]

Electrical Installations & How it Affects You

On 31st July 2015 the electrical industry faced some changes to the consumer units which are currently being installed (Plastic). The Boffin’s over at the EIT have allowed a period of 6 months for all contractors to start installing to the new standards. The new standard will then be mandatory from the 1st of January […]

Taking Shortcuts

 As well as being an electrical installer we are often asked to carry out Electrical Safety Inspections. With over 20 years experience in the electrical sector we have seen lots of installations which have been made worse as a result of a so called electrician carrying out repairs or  additions. It never fails to amaze […]

Choose Your Electrician Carefully.

Everyone wants or even needs to save every penny they can. So, it’s no surprise, that many self-confident DIYer’s will have a go at doing some kind of electrical work either for themselves or for friends. That’s fine if it’s replacing a blown fuse in a plug or finding which one of those pesky lamps […]