Outdoor Festive Light’s, How do you Install Yours…

It’s that time of year when your thinking about how you will install your outdoor Festive lights. 
Are you using last years? 
How safe are they?
 Do you need a suitable outdoor supply?

Consider This…

Every year you drive around the neighbourhood and see so many houses decorated in festive lights, This year it’s your turn to inspire someone else. But before you start hanging lots of lights all around your home and garden, there are some things you need to consider.

• One of the most common ways fires start is overloaded sockets. Never use more then the socket outlet your plugging into, if your using extension do not use more then the extension is rated. The normal capacity for a power point is up to 2,900 watts so be mindful of how much load you’re placing on the point.

• Never turn them on while still in the box – even if you just want to test them.


• Always use lights intended for outdoors outside and under no circumstances use interior lights outdoors.


tree• Do not install them near anything that could catch fire Curtains, decorations etc.


• Try to use plastic hooks to mount your lights instead of nails, staples or screws.


• Never extend a set of lights to another unless they’re designed for that purpose.


• When installing exterior lights, plug the light set into an earthed power point that is protected by an RCD safety switch. If you don’t have RCD safety switches in your home, use a portable plug in RCD safety adaptor. (In the new year consider having your home tested for safety)


• Always put transformers and light changing controllers indoors to keep them protected from the elements unless they’re designed to be use outdoors.

Be Safe…

If you need more advice or require additional power points, get in touch with Intelec Electrical Contractors & have a safe festive season.