New Changes for Installation of RCD Protection.

In the new edition of BS7671 Chapter 41 examines the use of RCD protection on socket outlets.

single-rcdThe regulation now requires RCD protection in accordance with regulation 415.1 for socket outlets up to 20A and for mobile equipment with a current rating not exceeding 32A for outdoor use for all installations.

The only exceptions are, for socket outlets up to 20A, where the socket outlet is specifically labelled, or where a documented risk assessment determines that RCD protection is not necessary.

Chapter 61 makes a new reference to ‘skilled person (electrically only)’, which has the added condition of the person being competent in inspection, testing and certification work. It also notes that supplies up to 100 amps have a new, more detailed schedule of inspections.

Additionally, for installations greater than 100amps, a model list of items that require inspection during initial verification is provided in Appendix 6. This list, along with a documented risk assessment of any permitted exceptions to the list must be appended to the Electrical Installation Certificate and the declaration signed. Here at Intelec Electrical Contractors we take these recommendations into account when we carry out electrical installation safety reports, and carry out the necessary risk assessments and produce the reports required.

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