Electrical Installations & How it Affects You

On 31st July 2015 the electrical industry faced some changes to the consumer units which are currently being installed (Plastic).
The Boffin’s over at the EIT have allowed a period of 6 months for all contractors to start installing to the new standards. The new standard will then be mandatory from the 1st of January 2016.
It is important that installers and home owners a-like understand what the amendment is and how it will affect their choice in selecting which type of mains consumer unit to install and comply.

Why is this Happening?

House fires involving consumer units have increased to approximately five incidents each week. It was revealed that the main cause of fires was loose connections within the consumer units. These new requirements will directly improve the personal safety and reduce the risk of residential fires. However you must still ensure the work carried out is by a suitably trained competent person and all work has been notified to building control to fully comply.

17th Edition Changes

What this Really Means?

Amendment 3 will require switchgear assemblies ( including consumer units ) to have their enclosures made from a suitable non-combustible material, or be installed in a cabinet or enclosure comprised from a suitable non-combustible material, for example steel.  This is all covered within Chapter 42 with the addition of regulation 421.1.201. Electrical Safety First, BEAMA and other industry organisations have had to make edits to Amendment 3 to ensure the interpretation of non combustable has been fully understood.
The mandatory changes to the consumer units, using metal enclosures, are now available and are now our main choice of installation here at Intelec Electrical Contractors.

Don’t be a Another Statistic


It was lucky they had working smoke detectors, Have you checked yours recently?.
If you are considering a consumer unit change don’t hesitate to give us a call 01274 299876.
(Amendment 3 was published on 5th January 2015 and will apply to all Electrical installations designed after 1st July 2015; however Regulation 421.1.201 will not be mandatory until 1st January 2016.)

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